Work at ReefNet

Working at ReefNet is exciting and challenging. We're quietly beavering away here in the Hebrides, producing world-class work.

In the last year alone our work has covered:

video transcoding, mplayer, spf records, flash video, mp4 encoding, multi-lingual sites, muxing / demuxing, lighting equipment, redhat enterprise, samba / cifs, test driven development, ffmpeg, captioning, podcasts, streaming media, cross site scripting attacks, email infrastructures, subversion, trac, server virtualization, vim, vps, web services, JQuery, Prototype, design patterns, flash development, MTAC open source flash compiler, daemon programming, video codecs, sockets, storyboarding, ipc, Scriptaculous, php, modified pre-ordered trees, ubuntu, beryl / compiz, shooting scripts, xul, remote debugging, profiling, desktop virtualization, asp, op code caching, object cacheing, perl, bash, server migration, camera equipment, lucene search, and much, much more...

ReefNet are on the look out for talented people to join us.


If you can answer yes to the majority of these questions then you should drop us a line:

Good, you're still reading! In that case, specific skills that we'd be interested in talking to you about:


Drop us a line:


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